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NAMI Applauds FCC Leadership On 9-8-8 Crisis Number

December 11, 2019

12/11/2019 NAMI This week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to designate 9-8-8 as the 3-digit number for a national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline. NAMI applauds Chairman Ajit Pai and the FCC for their leadership on this issue and strongly supports the creation of a more »

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Affordable treatment for mental illness and substance abuse gets harder to find

December 9, 2019

Dec. 1, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. CST By Jenny Gold The Washington Post Eleven years after Congress passed a law mandating that insurers provide equal access for mental and physical health care, Americans are actually finding it harder to obtain affordable treatment for mental illness and substance abuse. The barriers to parity continue despite more »

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One in Seven Children Develop a Mental Illness, Claims New Research

December 1, 2019

Wednesday 20 November 2019 17:04 By Joanna Whitehead Independent One in seven children will develop a mental illness, according to new research – more than the number with cancer, diabetes or AIDS combined. Conditions range from depression and anxiety, to ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and schizophrenia. The findings published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry are based on 1.3 million Danish children more »

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Successful and Schizophrenic

September 10, 2017

Thirty years ago, I was given a diagnosis of schizophrenia. My prognosis was “grave”: I would never live independently, hold a job, find a loving partner, get married. My home would be a board-and-care facility, my days spent watching TV in a day room with other people debilitated by mental illness. I would work at more »

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New Funds Jump-start Mental Illness Research

What will happen in the field of serious mental illness when human need, scientific progress and a major influx of funding converge? Scientists on Tuesday predicted that the world could see the same kind of progress in understanding schizophrenia and bipolar disorder that’s been seen in the last decade in the fight against cancer. That, more »

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